I am pleased to present a selection of photographs taken during the inspection carried out by a court-appointed expert on March 3rd, 2023 following the repair of the motorcycle.

Following the frame repair conducted by the dealer, there are noticeable cuts and scratches present on the frame. It is probable that they resulted from insufficient safeguarding of the frame during the removal of a faulty weld. Please be aware that these are solely my presumptions and not the professional opinion.

The photographs were taken by a court-appointed automotive expert, Mr. Krzysztof Kuźmicki, who operates a technical services bureau named “SPECMOT” specializing in automotive engineering and traffic technology. The bureau is located in Żukowo, Poland, at 12 Kruczkowskiego Street, 83-330. Mr. Kuźmicki can be contacted at 600 458 097 or 58 622 21 74, and through the email addresses specmot@3net.pl and k.kuzmicki@wp.pl. For more information, please visit SPECMOT.3net.pl or the FB page “SPECMOT Rzeczoznawca Samochodowy”.

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