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In this section, I will share my experience with Aprilia’s customer service when I reported a factory defect on my new motorcycle. You will learn about the level of support I received from an official Aprilia dealer and the step-by-step process of the complaint procedure.

I am pleased to present a selection of photographs taken during the inspection carried out by a court-appointed expert on March 3rd, 2023 following the repair of the motorcycle.

Following the frame repair conducted by the dealer, there are noticeable cuts and scratches present on the frame. It is probable that they resulted from insufficient safeguarding of the frame during the removal of a faulty weld. Please be aware that these are solely my presumptions and not the professional opinion.

The photographs were taken by a court-appointed automotive expert, Mr. Krzysztof Kuźmicki, who operates a technical services bureau named “SPECMOT” specializing in automotive engineering and traffic technology. The bureau is located in Żukowo, Poland, at 12 Kruczkowskiego Street, 83-330. Mr. Kuźmicki can be contacted at 600 458 097 or 58 622 21 74, and through the email addresses and For more information, please visit or the FB page “SPECMOT Rzeczoznawca Samochodowy”.

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You purchased an Aprilia Tuareg motorcycle from a dealership. After a month, you noticed that the frame was rusting, but it turned out that this was not your biggest concern…

Keep reading to learn about my months-long struggle to have my new Aprilia Tuareg motorcycle repaired.

I previously described the details of my complaint process, day by day, here. I did so calmly, including dates and quotes from correspondence – just the facts, to avoid being accused of manipulation.

In this text, I simply want to inform you about what a motorcyclist can expect if they encounter issues or defects with their future Aprilia Tuareg motorcycle. I put in a lot of effort to create a website because I want potential buyers to have this information before making a decision. I did not have access to this information when I purchased my motorcycle…

First, let me say few things about the motorcycle itself – I love it! I believe it to be the most fantastic mid-weight touring motorcycle (yes, I’m biased, because I think every motorcyclist loves their motorcycle 🙂 ). The suspension is fantastic, the design – I find it appealing (tastes vary), and the riding satisfaction – incredible! This Italian motorcycle has character! It’s not a genderless machine lacking a soul. Its greatest advantage, in my opinion, is that you feel like you can achieve more on it than on your previous motorcycles. It’s like it’s saying to you: “I want to go there!” (pointing to a rough dirt road or mud), and you ride there with a grin on your face! And it happens all the time 🙂 .

Unfortunately, I was only able to enjoy it for a brief period since collecting it from the dealership last season, and to this day, I still don’t have my motorcycle… Not because of the rusting frame, but because of how my attempt to enforce my consumer rights with Aprilia appeared and how long it took – and yours may look the same.

After a month of picking up my new motorcycle from the dealership, I noticed a rust spot on the motorcycle frame. Just to be safe, I consulted with experts. Each of them replied, “Unfortunately, the frame is under-welded, the weld is defective and that’s why it’s corroding. The only way to fix it is through a significant intervention on the frame, but of course, you can’t interfere with the motorcycle frame…”

My first thought was that the auxiliary frame was welded, not bolted, and it was causing the problem. They’ll probably replace my motorcycle in such a case, and I’ve already been breaking in the engine according to the “old school” way, which, as far as I know, is the best way to break in a motorcycle. I even attached my rubber ducks to the handlebars, additional accessories, bags, and other things. In short – it’s already mine, I’m attached to it, and it’s a shame that I’ll have to do all of this again. After all, you can’t replace frames…

I immediately wrote to the dealer, reporting the problem. I signed the complaint document, and the dealer also signed it. The procedure began.

I thought to myself – I hope they have another unit on-site with my preferred paint job, which I really like. After all, I don’t want to lose a single day of riding my motorcycle. It’s warm, and the conditions are perfect for riding, which every motorcyclist in Poland has been waiting for most of the year.

Time flew by, and I kept in touch with the dealer. He informed me that he had submitted a “Claim” to Aprilia and still hadn’t received a response. After a long wait for me (I won’t ride a motorcycle with a rusty frame, who knows what that could lead to?), the dealer finally informed me that they had a response from the manufacturer – Aprilia. According to the message relayed to me by the dealer, it said, “Please spray the rust spot with an anti-corrosion agent, which will conclude the complaint process.”

So I informed them that spraying the frame with an anti-corrosion agent would not in any way fix the frame defect – the faulty weld, and no solution had been proposed to correct the problem with my new motorcycle! At this point, I began to consider simply terminating the contract. I have a motorcycle with a hidden defect, so I don’t want it if the manufacturer doesn’t even intend to fix it. After all, I have a motorcycle that is significantly devalued compared to what it was supposed to be when I bought it.”

The dealer convinced me that they would fix my motorcycle properly but they needed more time. Okay, I thought – I’ll wait a bit longer. That moment lasted a very long time, but eventually the dealer informed me that they would fix the fault in my motorcycle according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and that I needed to deliver the motorcycle.

Prompted by my earlier apprehension, I asked the dealer how they would repair my motorcycle. The dealer replied, “That’s a secret, we won’t tell you how we plan to fix it. Just know that it will be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.” I told them that the dealer had no right to withhold such information from me and that it was illegal. I also informed them that I wouldn’t give them my motorcycle without knowing what they would do to it. After all, the repair was not insignificant and concerned the motorcycle frame! Faced with my firm stance, the dealer said that I must deliver the motorcycle immediately, that they wouldn’t tell me how they would fix it, and that if I didn’t deliver it by the end of the month, I would lose my warranty rights and they wouldn’t fix it anymore.

At that point, I was honestly frightened! I thought I needed to seek some support because I felt unsure, like they were trying to deceive me! So I decided to work with a independent automotive expert with court accreditation, someone authorized to give expert opinions before a Polish court. From that point on, my case started to incur additional costs – not just my frustration about not being able to ride my motorcycle, but now additional financial costs that the dealer had exposed me to because I knew their actions were illegal.

magine how you would feel in such a situation. At this point, I was already very tired of the whole situation. On July 28, 2022 (the middle of summer, the best weather), I lost the ability to ride the motorcycle that I had purchased just a month earlier. This is my only motorcycle.

Currently, as I tell this story, it is September 29th, which is the end of the motorcycle season in Poland. I lost almost the entire season of being able to ride my motorcycle. My expert informs me that I am right, but I don’t have the strength to fight any further. I’m afraid that they will actually take away my right to a warranty repair. On September 29th, 2022, I send an email to the dealer asking for a date when I can bring my motorcycle in. My expert is still working on the case… So, on March 3rd, 2023, the motorcycle is finally repaired. Between the date when I agreed and asked for the repair – September 12th, 2022 (Monday) and March 3rd, 2023 (Friday), there are 5 months and 21 days, while from the date of filing the complaint, it is 7 months and 6 days.

On March 3 2023, I went to the dealer to pick up my motorcycle with the appraiser. The appraiser took photos of the repair, which were necessary to issue the final opinion. I asked for documents regarding the repair methods again. I informed them once again that I would not pick up the motorcycle until I received proof that the manufacturer recommended this repair method, which is very important to me in the context of the warranty and the value of the motorcycle. My appraiser informed the Aprilia representative in Poland (the dealer’s superior authority) about the matter. In light of these facts, the dealer changed their mind and informed me that I would receive what I was asking for. They verbally informed me that the missing weld was welded, the frame was painted in spots, and the corrosion was cleaned. Okay, but I want to know if this was the manufacturer’s recommendation so I can pick up the motorcycle… I still don’t know, so I don’t have the motorcycle.

The appraiser examined the repair and informed me that the quality of the repair was very low and that the frame was scratched during the repair…

During this motorcycle pick-up (which did not happen, I did not pick up the motorcycle), I asked if I could expect any compensation for the decreased value of the motorcycle, the lost time – the entire last motorcycle season and maybe even this one in 2023, the stress I experienced, the additional expenses for the appraiser, and finally, for how I was treated. Do you know what I heard? One sentence – “Your motorcycle is working properly.”

If anyone knows what I can do in this situation other than filing a lawsuit, which will further delay the time when I can ride my motorcycle, please let me know!

In summary, Tuareg is a great motorcycle, but think twice before deciding to buy it, as you may face what I did if any problem arises…

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Complaint – New Aprilia Tuareg. Documented sequence of events – in short

dateDealer or mine info
29.06.2022Paid an invoice for my Tuareg and picked up my bike
28.07.2022The official dealer accepted my complaint document (I have a signed copy of document by dealer at this date) – BalticMotors Poland
11.08.2022Info from a official dealer of Aprilia – BalticMotors PolandDealer: Thank you for your submission. We will contact you after the liquidation process has been completed.
18.08.2022I received a phone call from BalticMotors Polska informing me that Aprilia, the manufacturer, responded to my complaint by recommending that the rust be cleaned and an anti-corrosion agent be sprayed.
18.08.2022My response to a dealer via e-mailDear Sir/Madam,
We are writing to bring to your attention an issue with the new motorcycle purchased from your company. We have not received any proposals from your side to remedy the hidden defect or exchange the motorcycle for one free of defects.
We kindly request your proposals within a non-extendable deadline, which is the end of this calendar month, August 2022. Please be advised that an oral proposal made today by your company representative did not provide a satisfactory resolution to the issue.
If we do not receive a satisfactory proposal from you within this timeframe, we will have no choice but to take legal action to enforce our rights.
We appreciate your attention to this matter and hope for a swift resolution.
19.08.2022Dealer BalticMoros response (no contact from superiors at all)Dear Sir/Madam,
After analyzing the reported corrosion issue, we would like to propose the removal of the defect through a free-of-charge repair of the motorcycle under the manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact us to schedule a repair date. Please note that the technological repair time is approximately 2 weeks.
I have also provided your contact phone number to my superiors to discuss the situation.
We appreciate your cooperation and hope to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.
19.08.2022My response Dear Sir/Madam,
We kindly request a detailed explanation of the repair method proposed by your company.
Thank you in advance for your prompt response and cooperation.
29.08.2022Response of a Dealer of Aprilia (Official Aprilia dealer’s response that, according to my knowledge, violates consumer rights.)Dear Madam,
The repair will be carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations by an authorized service center, and will result in a complete removal of the reported defect. We cannot disclose any technical details. Of course, the repair will be covered by further warranty and guarantee.
Please let us know if you would like us to arrange for the motorcycle to be picked up for repair, or if you prefer to opt out of the free-of-charge repair by the authorized service center.
Thank you for your cooperation.
01.09.2022My mail to a dealer of Aprilia BalticMotors PolandDear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to inform you that withholding information regarding the repair of my motorcycle is unlawful. If you are unwilling to resolve this matter amicably, I will be forced to seek the opinion of a independent automotive expert with court accreditation and pursue legal action.
I kindly request that you provide me with a clear and comprehensive report on the repairs performed on my motorcycle, including all relevant details such as the methods used and the parts replaced.
Please note that I take this matter seriously and expect a prompt and satisfactory response.
07.09.2022Dealer response (Coercion by the dealer. I had to hand over my motorcycle without knowing what they would really do with it under the threat of losing the warranty. What would you do in my situation?)Dear Madam,
We would like to reiterate that we are prepared to remedy the reported defect. To this end, please contact us to arrange a repair date. As we acknowledge your claim, we see no reason to refer the matter to court, as we wish to meet your expectations. However, we cannot carry out the repair due to the lack of the motorcycle.
At the same time, please be informed that we do not disclose technical details of the repairs carried out, as they are considered trade secrets of the manufacturer’s technology. Nevertheless, the repair will be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and will be covered by further warranty.
Please inform us by the end of September 2022 whether you agree to the repair. Failure to contact us to arrange a repair date and to provide the motorcycle will be considered a refusal to authorize the repair.
12.09.2022Contacting a independent automotive expert with court accreditationUntil September 12th, I tried to find out on my own whether the dealer could do whatever they wanted with my motorcycle without informing me of what they were going to do. I gave up and on September 12th, I contacted a independent automotive expert with court accreditation. It is worth noting that I was informed by the expert that any additional fees related to the repair or assessment process would be the responsibility of the dealer and not mine. However, I have been incurring additional costs for the independent automotive expert ever since.
21.09.2022My mail to a dealer of Aprilia BalticMotors PolandDear Sir/Madam,
I kindly request answers to the following questions:
What is the warranty period for the motorcycle frame?
What is the warranty period for the paintwork?
What is your proposed solution if corrosion occurs within 2 years after repair?
What is your proposed solution if corrosion occurs on the frame after more than 2 years, but during the warranty period?
29.09.2022Dealer responseHello,
The manufacturer’s warranty period for the motorcycle frame covers 24 months from the date of purchase.
The manufacturer’s warranty period for the paint coating covers 24 months from the date of purchase.
If there are corrosion spots appearing in the repaired area after our repair work, further steps will depend on the cause of the corrosion. It is possible that a re-repair will be carried out in that area under warranty.
The manufacturer’s warranty period for the motorcycle will expire before the end of two years from the date of our repair work.
Furthermore, prior to beginning the motorcycle repair work, we will conduct an inspection and create a detailed photographic documentation of the paint coating of the frame and welding spots of the motorcycle frame.
Please note that the deadline for scheduling a motorcycle repair is September 30, 2022, with the understanding that failure to do so will be considered a waiver of the offered repair.
29.09.2022My responseGood morning,
I would like to request a repair appointment. Can you please let me know the available dates?
10.10.2022Dealer response Hello,
We will inform you tomorrow about the scheduled date of the repair. We will need the motorcycle for approximately one week in order to carry out the repair, as well as to conduct an inspection of other critical welds on the frame and to allow for proper application of protective coatings.
Best regards,
17.10.2022I bring my bike to a dealer
many mails “when my bike will be ready?”
23.02.2023mail from a dealerHello, I would like to inform you that your vehicle is ready for pickup. The repair has been carried out in accordance with the procedures and technical guidelines of the motorcycle manufacturer and importer. Additionally, we have installed the side handlebars that you provided. You can pick up the vehicle during our business hours (Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm, Sat 9:00am-2:00pm).
02.03.2023Attempting to obtain documents from Liberty Motors – Official Distributor in Poland for Piaggio Group BrandsOn March 2nd, the appraiser requested Liberty Motors for the manufacturer’s repair guidelines and photos taken before the repair. The first response from Liberty Motors – Official Distributor in Poland for Piaggio Group Brands stated in writing that there was no entry in the manufacturer’s database regarding my motorcycle: “Unfortunately, Piaggio has no record of this issue in their history. The only thing I found was some incorrect information that did not relate to this repair. I have already requested an official statement from the factory a few days ago, but I have not received a response yet. I would like to hear your opinion on the repair.”

On the next day, March 3rd, during a phone conversation between the appraiser and Liberty Co., an employee of the company promised to provide the documents as soon as possible.

Both the appraiser and I have since requested these documents, but we have not received them to this day.
03.03.2023Despite my requests to be informed about the motorcycle pickup date earlier, I was informed at the last minute. We went there with an appraiser at a time that was possible for him.During repairs, the motorcycle frame was scratched (which was documented by my expert with photographs). I was told that I am not entitled to any compensation for the wasted time and nerves, as well as the decrease in the value of the motorcycle. The motorcycle frame was welded and repainted in certain spots. In a colloquial manner, I was told that the motorcycle is now functioning properly, and I should take it and go.

Due to the fact that the Aprilia motorcycle dealer, BalticMotors Gdańsk in Poland, did not disclose how they would repair my motorcycle during my complaint process, despite my requests, I am uncertain whether they followed the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is crucial to know whether the repair was done correctly, as it would ensure that my warranty has not been voided. Therefore, I requested information regarding the official registration of my complaint by the dealer to Aprilia, called “Claim.” This report would contain information about what the manufacturer recommended for my case.

The dealer informed me that the manufacturer only recommended spraying the corrosion focus with an anti-corrosion solution. However, under pressure from the dealer to Aprilia, the manufacturer eventually appointed a technique to repair the frame of my motorcycle, but it took a long time to do so. I would like to see the details of the repair before I pick up my motorcycle, as once I take it from the dealer, it will be too late. I am afraid that I will not receive any documents if I don’t see them before then. I requested this information during the inspection of the “repaired motorcycle” on March 3rd, but to this day (March 19th), I have not received these documents. As a result, I cannot pick up my motorcycle, and a independent automotive expert with court accreditation cannot close the report on my motorcycle.

I sent my request for these documents via email to three recipients: BalticMotors, the official dealer in Gdańsk from whom I purchased my motorcycle, Liberty Corporation (Liberty Corp Sp. z o.o.), and Aprilia Polska ( I made this request with the hope that someone would take notice of my situation. Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

If I receive this information, I will upload it to the website along with the expert’s report.
10.03.2023Response from a dealer Baltic Motors“I received confirmation that the vehicle inspection will take place on Monday, March 13th. The photographic documentation of the frame before the repair will be included in the appraiser’s documentation. Additionally, we will also attach a report regarding the importer’s claim to the manufacturer (claim 6367271) to the documentation. This way, you will have all the information compiled in one set of documents.”
to be continued
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